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The Ruminants (2006)

by The Ruminants

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Seven billion person army: nature doesn't stand a chance. Congratulations, Man! Even with a billion starving, we have more than enough force to wreck this planet's course. So proud to say, our country leads the way in using up all we've been given. Burning oil, killing fish, destroying soil. Cut down the trees, let's bring this fertile planet to her knees. So ashamed to say the American way is killing off everything living. Sell your car and bike to work, use solar power, vote for a Green: against the army it's all done in vain. Nothing's gonna stop our army.
Goddamn I've had all I can take. How we'd allow such a mistake? Two corporations split the dial, and our government walks hand in hand and smiles. So don't trust a word, hold on to what you know. Throw out your TV with your radio. They'll give you a mirage of choice: 500 mouths, same ugly voice. Who do you think will benefit from all the world sucking down their diet? Leaders start wars and loot the state while talking heads regurgitate. Everyone has to much to lose when they monopolize the news.
Outlet 02:30
Think about all the breath you've spent, how the government's ruining this town. It's so easy to shit-talk, when it's time to walk then you're all burned out. Come on, throw off the sheets, pick up your feets, let's hit the streets. Goddamn I'm tired of waiting for change. It's so easy to complain, "Bush is so insane, and a monkey, too." Take a respite from that bong. Want the despot gone? Then it's up to you. Come on, put on your face, pick up the pace, we ain't got time to waste. Gave our trust to criminals and clowns. We gotta clean up our home town. You paid no mind, playing in the sun. Now it's time to take em all down, one by one. So damn tired of waiting for some fucking change.


Self-recorded over a long period of time in fits and starts throughout 2005 by the Ruminants in our 9x9 practice room on glorious 1/2" 8-track tape using a TEAC 80-8. Which crapped out halfway through the planned project, causing a delay of many months while trying to get the beast running again. We had started laying down tracks for a lot of other songs too but it had taken so long to get the 80-8 fixed that most of them were never completed. By the time these four were mixed the band was more or less through. Or at least, on indefinite hiatus...


released January 1, 2006

Rob Ruminant sang and yelled and played guitars of various sizes.
Devon Pathetic played drums and screamed 1-2-3-4.
Sean Backyard sang and did some ooh ooh oohs.


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The Ruminants San Diego, California

The Ruminants played punk rock in San Diego from 2000 until 2006. And may be playing again in 2014, weather permitting.

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