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by The Ruminants

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Gravy Train 02:49
Now I got no time to fuck around with anything that doesn't get me to the goal. I used up all my favors and free rides when I was a boy, but now I'm way too old. Got my ticket for the gravy train, but I'm still waiting for my car to pull up on the tracks. I'm not gonna let it pass in vain, eliminating my only opportunity to attack. Can't afford to be held back. Favor ambition more than a friendship? Now I'm gonna find what matters more to me. Gotta make choices because indecision is just another way of choosing: passively. Time of my life still gotta make sacrifices; the leg ain't gonna help you run if it's gangrene. This ain't no time for apologizing, so go ahead and call me out. I'm fucking mean. Got my ticket for the gravy train, and I'm not waiting for my car to pull up on the tracks. Now I'm gonna run fast as I can, eliminating any chance of being left behind, by the passing of the time.
Cybernetic 02:51
Whenever I try pushing around another guy, I look like a tard. But I'd stand a chance if under my shirt and underpants, I was shiny and hard. It would make me so ecstatic to be slightly more metallic. I would be much less pathetic if I could be cybernetic. And if I could have both my arms made out of wood, that'd be a start. But it'd be surreal to have all my limbs fashioned in steel, cold to the heart. It would be so damn erotic to be slightly more robotic. I would be much less pathetic if I could be cybernetic. Blue metal skin.
Square-Cut 02:15
When we're out with our friends, who we hate all depends. Making fun of the one not present. Tired of toeing that line, think that it's about time that I say to your face what I think. It's too damn hard hiding all my thoughts beneath my skin. It's too damn hard trying to fit in. Every day as I see zombies pass around me undisturbed by the words they're hearing, gotta bite on my tongue, burn inside and say none, you and I censored by society.
Selector 02:37
Far too early to awake. I've been spinning round for days. My mind caught on one mistake. Staring at your parted lips inches from my fingertips, sleeping in such innocence. Last night is but a memory, and it would be alright with me to forget all we fought about, close my eyes and block it out. Lying up and losing sleep with disturbing frequency. Dread the secrets we can keep. Scared to death to listen to the bullshit I keep feeding you. Not so sure if I can stand another biting reprimand about all the times I should have been thrown out, all the second guessing and the doubt, all the times I left you only to return and say it's fine.
80 Hours 02:09
Trying my best to will the sun to call in sick and stay below the horizon. It took so long to recreate that most specific brand of pain: my heartbreak. Ain't it great? All I want now is to lie awake all night, and with luck, the night will last for 80 hours. Time's been wasted but now there's no end in sight just as long as I can stall the dawn. I will not claim to understand natural forces which lie out of my command. But I'll embrace the end result: a fondness for the night to fall, and withdraw from it all. Tonight I go to celebrate my heartbreak, ain't it great.
If I had been so crazy to ask you out, would you have laughed real bad and would it have been outrageous to think about all we could have had, well, been down that road before and I know where it ends: tearing out my heart and saying we should be friends. I know it's rather silly to think that you really ever knew me. So call me crazy, what was I supposed to do, cause you always blew me off. Hearing it from you'd have only made me upset. But it's so much better than to live all my life with regret.
Within my fantasies the world was turned around. You had to come along and open up your mouth. Turned to hide scars anew burned inside by the truth. Living inside a dream methodically rebuilt. The walls could not withstand to hear the way you felt. Learned you lied, always knew how I cried cause of you.
On My Ass 02:16
Feeling dumb, insecure, that's how I am around her. Beaten up, left for dead, that's how I should be, she said. Why do you run away, she said, why do you have to stay? Well I didn't mean to do it, but I'm making her feel stupid. Now someone oughtta kick me on my ass. My promises forgotten, I'm making her feel rotten. Now someone oughtta kick me on my ass. Know I'm not good with words, so I'm careful around her. But there's rocks in my head, so it's no surprise she said, where did you lose your brain, she said, it's all your fault again. Oh no, no I didn't mean to put her down. No I didn't mean to make her cry. I do my best but I'm still one brain down. So it's no surprise she said, she said to me, goodbye.
12 02:58
There's a 12-pack sitting in the trunk, a sale down at the liquor store, a young girl passed out on the floor, a policeman outside the door. Let's drink.
The Cog 02:11
Whoa whoa whoa. Time to fucking GO.
When it began I never dreamed we'd fly so far and high. My expectations have evolved, my hopes for you and I. But times have changed, and I've been so deranged of lately. Meet your eyes and find it's no surprise you hate me now. The words I never needed then have come to fail me now. What does it do us to pretend it all works out somehow. Gone for quite a ride, and now it's over. Choking down my pride, I beg to stick around.


released October 1, 2001

Rob Ruminant: vox+guitars
Dan Spam: bass+vox
Darryl: drums+vox
recorded at Doubletime in a few days sometime in 2001. Engineered and mixed by Jeff Forrest.


all rights reserved



The Ruminants San Diego, California

The Ruminants played punk rock in San Diego from 2000 until 2006. And may be playing again in 2014, weather permitting.

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