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Eight Arms To Rock You

by The Ruminants

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To all the kids who told me I was born to lose: I got something to prove. And to my friends who told me I should hold my tongue: check out what I've done. Cause "I don't care" would be a lie. Now I'm coming around to try to show to you what I can do. To mom and dad who try to tell me how to live: now do you believe? And to the kids who said I'd never be no one: I've only just begun.
Your commentary is getting scarier by the minute, and I don't know if tomorrow will be any different. Reiterated how much you hate it; now we are equal. If I had my way, then you would stay in town for the sequel, but no one knows if it will come out, and it's way too late to wait around. I've got too much heart and time invested in it to turn back now. I'll take my chances and make advances once in forever. Accelerating the output maybe now, maybe never. And no one knows, will it be released, well it's way too late to wait and see. All you know is you're leaving home, and it's quite alright with me. So goodbye to all of the friends I made. Hello to doing it my own way. Take back everything you gave to me. Just don't say you're ever sorry.
Nowhere to go again. Just trying to call a friend. I'll lie on the couch and think about how long I'll pretend that everything's ok. Why will I get up today? A dream of a time, somewhere I can finally make a change. At night I wonder why I dream. And why is so much put on me. But my bright future's looking dull. I guess it's just chemical. Sleep through the afternoon. The music that I listen to makes me upset that I haven't yet made it through. Lying awake at three and I'm doing my best to see the figures up there as I lie and stare hopefully. Sometimes it seems a waste to try. Sometimes I know exactly why. But my bright future's looking dull. I guess it's all chemical.
Ride 03:45
Is there any way that I could discreetly say goodbye without causing such a row? Is there any chance you'll learn that I always will return? Hope by now you would know. No one wants to give in, getting in the last dig, too stubborn to walk away. Need to have the last word, make each other feel hurt. How can I make myself speak honestly? Out to walk off my regrets. Apologies I should have said held back only by my pride. Now there's little of it left, and I think it's for the best. Too exhausted to try. How to take the high road? Easier to leave home. So fucking hard to stay calm. Self-defense at its worst. Both afraid to be first to admit they could be wrong.
Wake up around 10 o'clock and drag my lazy ass from bed to walk down to VG's. Kids would say that I'm not punk cause how I dress and how I live. I'm inclined to agree. But my life's alright with me. I don't wanna take the time to think about the wasted times how I lived back then. Why someone would take the time to say my life's a waste of time, well, that's outside my ken. It may seem commonplace, but it's so much to me, so let me be.
She is an awful bitch, won't hesitate to talk some shit about her last defeat. And he cannot resist staring and talking to her tits, still waiting for the day they'll meet. Fresh from another fight with his old friend, her last ally, now her sworn enemy. Thrown down a few tonight, and looking for a fresh delight, which he most willingly will be. Wasting away, waiting for a willing piece of flesh. They'll be okay, different motives toward the same effect. Deserving better but he'll settle for someone who'll take him cause he's waited far too long. She just wants some fun, so why does it seem wrong?
Lying asleep on saturday morning. It only lasted til the phone would ring. A pleasant voice asking, "is Shelley there?" Another victim, caught unaware. She moved out but she forgot about telling it to anyone. And now her friends are calling, and asking where she's gone. Shelley Leville, oh I've got your number. So do all of your friends. Oh won't you come over? Your mom's on the line again. Trying to relax while riding on the bus. I'd say there's only 34 of us. Of those 21 are on the phone. Why can't you wait a minute til you're home? Why do you insist on calling? I'm getting pissed at all your phones, and if I could, I'd do what Shelley did, and disconnect for good.
A rare ability to hypnotize With such a simple smile and shining eyes A dream dissolved by my untimely flight Tray tables up and dim the cabin light Alone and wandering through blackened skies Not knowing where my destination lies I'm thinking of your spider legs despite The one I love who waits for me tonight Be still and think of me, I'm coming home Returning to the warmth of your embrace From somewhere that I never should have gone So tired of flying through the dark unknown I want to hold you close and see your face And lie awake until the light of dawn
It's almost nine o'clock. About time we had a talk about if we're going out, of if I'll stay on the couch. You're asking me to get dressed and show some interest in going out on the town, in getting out of the house. Well it's an all too familiar scene. And you know what I mean. You want me to give a damn, and I'll do what I can, but I am not that kind of man. You say that I'm looking thin. You want me to hit the gym and put some meat on my bones, so I don't end up alone. But I've got some work to do, and hey, who the hell are you to be giving advice? I think I'm doing alright.


recorded way back in 2000 at Doubletime in El Cajon. Engineered by Jeff Forrest. Rob Ruminant played drums, guitars, bass, vocals. Scott contributed some vocals on 5 and 6.


released February 1, 2000


all rights reserved



The Ruminants San Diego, California

The Ruminants played punk rock in San Diego from 2000 until 2006. And may be playing again in 2014, weather permitting.

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